Central European Congress on Concrete Engineering 2017, Tokaj
05 May 2021

Central European Congress on Concrete Engineering 2017, Tokaj

Our Company was participated on the CCC2017, in Tokaj, Hungary.

The CCC2017 Congress in Tokaj focuses on Innovative Materials and Technologies for Concrete Structures. Concrete is an ever developing construction material. There is a continuous development on material properties, constructability, economy as well as aesthetics.

The Congress in Tokaj intends to overview properties of new types of concretes (including all constituent materials) and reinforcements as well as their possible applications which already exist or can exist in the future.

Therefore, we selected the following 5 topics for CCC2017 Tokaj:

Topic 1: Tailored properties of concrete.
Topic 2: Advanced reinforcing and prestressing materials and technologies.
Topic 3: Advanced production and construction technologies.
Topic 4: Advanced concrete structures.
Topic 5: Modelling, design and codification.

The host organisation of the CCC2017 Congress is the Hungarian Group of fib. The Congress is jointly organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Budapest University of Technology and Economics. We have a the pleasure to invite representatives of clients, designers, contractors, academics and students to take part at this regional event, which will give excellent social and technical conditions for exchange of experience in the field of concrete engineering.

Three of our published paper can be seen at the links below:

Optimisation of TBM tunnel in the Shanghai metro extension using macro synthetic fibre

Numerical modelling of a precast fibre reinforced concrete track slab

Fibre reinforced concrete constitutive laws for numerical simulation

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