fib 2nd Blind Simulation Competition
02 April 2022

fib 2nd Blind Simulation Competition

JKP Static Ltd Hungary, participated in a “blind simulation” competition: fib WG 2.4.1: Modelling of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Structures – 2nd Blind Simulation Competition: Simulation consisted of two continuous spans of concrete slab strips using both conventional reinforcement and fibres for service limit states assessment.

The task was to model a reinforced concrete slab with steel reinforcement, determine the deflection, crack width, strains. The structure was built and tested in real scale in the laboratory of University of Minho, Portugal.

There were eighteen teams of participants with a total of 48 persons involved, nineteen institutions from fourteen different countries including Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands and the U.K. Six structural design companies participated with development of own software based on the finite element method, along with thirteen Universities.

JKP Static came 8th in this competition.

Glass is half full: we still have room for improvement, but we are proud of our result!

The software we used is ATENA (Cervenka Consulting,, with our material model parameter: added fracture energy ( This material model worked well, this is a simple, compact, fast and gives very good results as demonstrated above!

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