Synthetic and steel fibers in prestressed, precast long span beams (2014)
04 May 2014

Synthetic and steel fibers in prestressed, precast long span beams (2014)

Central European Congress on Concrete Engineering: Concrete Offers for Period of Economic Recovery (CCC2014) Liberec, Czech Republic: 2014.10.01 – 2014.10.02

Four large-scale, prismatic, T-shaped beams with 19 m span were produced without stirrups, but 2 with synthetic fibres and 2 with steel fibres. Four point bending tests were made to simulate the load bearing process of built-in beams. Three point shear tests were made in the uncracked ends of the beams to prove the shear resistance of FRC. The behaviour of beams made of synthetic and steel fibre reinforced concrete was compared. Finite element calculation was made with the fibre reinforced concrete and plain concrete as well. The material model was according to Eurocode and the effect of the fibre was according to RILEM guideline. The numerical and real test load-deflection results showed close correlation.

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